• The Final

    Who will be the winner of Celebrity Big Brother: Casey, Dappy, Jim, Luisa, Sam or Ollie?

  • Tuesday 28 January

    Dappy's tasked to perform a freestyle rap about each of his fellow housemates.

  • Monday 27 January

    Casey's mum enters the House as part of the For Whom the Bell Tolls task.

  • Live Eviction - 26 January

    Emma Willis presents live coverage of the drama and excitement, as another housemate is evicted.

  • Saturday 25 January

    The housemates must take selfies as part of Big Brother's latest task.

  • Live Eviction - 24 January

    Jim, Lee, Linda, Luisa and Ollie face eviction. Who stays? You decide!

  • Thursday 23 January

    Big Brother wants to know what Sam and Ollie think about some of the biggest House dramas.

  • Live Eviction - 22 January

    Jim, Liz and Sam all face eviction from the House. Who stays? You decide!

  • Tuesday 21 January

    To earn their shopping, the housemates must go on an exhausting journey to the North Pole.

  • Monday 20 January

    The House discovers who will face eviction on Wednesday night.

  • Sunday 19 January

    The housemates put on a talent show for judges Jim, Luisa and Linda.

  • Saturday 18 January

    Lee and Ollie go head-to-head on an assault course to win a private dinner with a "super fan".

  • Live Eviction - 17 January

    Dappy, Jim, Lee, Lionel, Liz, Luisa, Ollie and Sam all face eviction. Who stays? You decide.

  • Thursday 16 January

    The housemates do battle in the boxing ring - but which team will be victorious?

  • Live Eviction - 15 January

    Jasmine, Jim, Liz and Luisa all face the public vote. Who stays? You decide.

  • Tuesday 14 January

    The housemates must control all aspects of life in the House through group votes.

  • Monday 13 January

    The housemates delve into the world of Live Action Role Play and nominate face to face.

  • Sunday 12 January

    The housemates tackle Big Brother's 18 Certificate task.

  • Saturday 11 January

    The House reacts to the first eviction and Luisa clashes with Dappy and Lionel.

  • Live Eviction - 10 January

    Emma Willis reveals the results of the latest public vote. Who will be out next?

  • Thursday 9 January

    The housemates nominate for the first time, while Casey and Lee spy on the House from the Bolt Hole.

  • Live Eviction - 8 January

    Emma Willis reveals the results of the first public vote. Who will be voted into the Bolt Hole?

  • Tuesday 7 January

    The housemates tackle a task of galactic proportions.

  • Monday 6 January

    The housemates still in handcuffs compete to secure their freedom.

  • Sunday 5 January

    The housemates complete a series of tasks to win freedom from their handcuffs.

  • Saturday 4 January

    The housemates spend their first night in the Celebrity Big Brother House.

  • Live Launch

    Emma Willis welcomes a new group of celebrities into the Big Brother House.