Series 4 - Episode 2: Celebrity Big Brother Special

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This week, actor-singer Martin Kemp and MC Harvey team up to take on the wedding arrangements of 31-year-old electrician Mark and his long-suffering fiancée Lisa (30).

Control freak Mark has already planned 'his' wedding, as he calls it, down to the finest detail, including his bride's dress! He is set on an informal, low-key affair with a hint of Ibiza.

As this is Hull, Martin and Harvey have definitely got their work cut out! So with fashion in mind, the
boys set out to create a fusion of Balearic glamour and vintage 'Great Gatsby' style. They have just three weeks and only £12,000 in the budget. Will the Celebrity Big Brother duo be able to win over this 'groomzilla' and his blushing bride, or will it all end in tears?



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