Series 1 - Episode 3: The Apprentice candidates

Episode 3: The Apprentice candidates

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Would you let failed 'Apprentice' candidates posh Raef and Stuart "the Brand" Baggs make all the arrangements for your wedding? Nicole and Luke certainly didn’t know what they were letting themselves in for when they agreed to hand over the organisation the most important day of their lives to an unknown celebrity wedding planner.

29-year-old PA Nicole and 27-year old estate agent Luke are drawn by the novelty of having their wedding day organised by a celeb, hoping they will bring lots of celebrity sparkle. Luke and Nicole dream of a chilled-out Ibiza-themed big day with lashings of elegance and glamour. But that is not quite what the Rael and Stuart have in mind...

Their experiences on 'The Apprentice' should stand them in good stead, as they had plenty of practice then in coming up with original ideas and organising events. But they had an abysmal track record for getting things done on time, and some of their ideas were way off-kilter. Can such different characters agree on a sensible wedding theme?

The boys’ decisions will be final when it comes to Nicole’s wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, the wedding venue, food, rings, transport and flowers. Their ideas include having the couple’s dogs as the ring bearers, and "The Brand" doing his Britney Spears impression at the reception...

Will Raef and Stuart be able to deliver on the big day?



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