Series 2 - Episode 1: Louie & Jake

Louie Spence

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Dancing queen Louie Spence and his best mate Jake Canuso take over all the arrangements for the nuptials of Andy and Toni from Accrington. Known as 'Tacky Toni' to her friends and family, the bride-to-be is dead set on an OTT wedding complete with bouncy castle, cabaret performers and a massive princess-style dress. She fully intends to be the centre of attention, so how will she get on with Louie?

Never one to be upstaged, Louie has very different plans for Toni. He and Jake decide to transform her
from tacky to tasteful. How will Toni react? Will she be grateful or gutted when faced with a stylish, elegant affair, and will Louie and Jake be able to pull something spectacular out of the bag at the eleventh hour?



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