Series 4 - Episode 3: Towie Special

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Want a glamorous, celebrity-style wedding? Who better to plan your big day than a big name or, better still, two?

Amy Childs, 21, and 18-year-old Harry Derbidge hit the big time starring in The Only Way is Essex. Now these cousins are turning their hand to wedding planning in the only way they know how: Essex style.

28-year-old bride-to-be Katie dreams of a beautiful vintage wedding to Royal Marine Marvin, 27. So how will this couple from Liverpool feel when they finally find out that Amy and Harry will be planning the biggest day of their lives in all their fake-tanned glory? By the time the couple realise Amy and Harry are on the job, it will be way too late to do a thing about it. Amy and Harry epitomise everything that is Essex.

Needless to say, they spend a lot of their time dressing up, grooming and going out – activities that hardly qualify them as top-notch wedding planners.

Amy and Harry will be responsible for every aspect of Marvin and Katie's wedding day. Their decisions will be final, from the wedding dress to the wedding breakfast, the venue, transport, rings, flowers, music, suits, hair and make-up.

The couple might want a tasteful understated affair, but this is not something Amy and Harry are
known for. How will Marvin and Katie cope when their wedding gets the Essex treatment? Is Essex really the only way or are Amy and Harry heading for a fall?



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