Series 1 - Episode 3

Episode 3

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Charley samples South African life from three differing perspectives – in the air, deep below ground and in the bush. He starts by taking to the skies as he learns how to parajet. Although delivering some of the most spectacular views of South Africa, this is an activity that requires great skill to master, as Charley finds out.

He then heads underground in order to get to grips with one of South Africa’s oldest working gold mines, and tries his hand blasting for the precious metal himself. Charley rounds off the episode by visiting South Africa’s flagship Kruger National Park. Extending over 7,300 square miles, this is the country's largest game reserve. Charley is hoping to encounter rhinos, hippos, elephants, crocodiles and giraffes.

On a ‘wilderness experience on wheels’, he spends three days traversing the Lebombo Eco-Trail, enjoying the sounds and scents of the bush, getting up close to Africa's greatest wild animals and enjoying traditional bushveld dinners around the campfire.



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  • scarmonger

    5 months ago


    why wont it play , i see that it is available till January and my settings as are correct . I have no blocks on yet it wont play. any suggestions?

  • WTF?

    1 year ago


    didn't enjoy this series.was 2 different a style, from when obi wan n boorman did long way down n round. no bikers journey, no bro-mance, story telling somehow didn't work well, and not enough unicef awareness . it's was like watching an only child playing with his very own afrika in his backyard or something like richy rich.

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  • Connor

    1 year ago


    Why is this called Charley Boorman's African Adventure on TV?? It doesn't say "South" on TV.

  • Ed

    over 1 year ago


    Edit: *as he learns how to paramotor* - not "as he learns how to parajet".