Children of The Master Race

Children of The Master Race

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Two weeks after the start of the Second World War, Himmler issued a secret order to the SS, telling them to fulfil their ‘sacred duty to the Reich’ – they were to father its next generation. It was an order for SS officers to have sex with women left at home while their husbands were away fighting.

The Lebensborn homes were under the direct control of the SS. Babies born within them were taken into the SS ‘brotherhood’ in a bizarre Nazi baptism ritual complete with swastikas, a bust of Hitler and SS daggers.

To strengthen this next generation of the master race, Himmler also ordered the kidnapping of up to half a million Aryan-looking babies and children from countries that the Nazis overran. Children were examined by SS doctors to assess their racial ‘value’: those who passed the tests were snatched from their families and sent to Lebensborn.

All trace of their original identities was destroyed and they were brought up as Germans. Children who resisted this ‘Germanisation’ were enslaved in forced labour camps. But children born in Lebensborn with mental handicaps suffered an even worse fate – they were sent to a secret unit to be killed.

With unprecedented access to newly released Nazi files and illustrated with extraordinary photographs from the period, this film follows three Lebensborn children as they piece together their remarkable and harrowing stories.

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    doesn't play properly, but all them silly adverts play fine. Please concentrate more on the documentary and less on advertising.

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    It played fine for me,but i never get problems.

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    coanwood Watched it perfect start to finish

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    C5, are you listening to any of these comments? Safari, Firefox, Chrome ... this programme doesn't play properly. The ads are fine. Still, so long as your commercial interests play ok, then who cares, eh?

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    Dale Wakefield

    froze once before the end, devil of a job getting to watch the final parts.

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    Works fine for me. Latest Firefox. ABplus.

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    i am afraid to say that poor catch up tv on 5 on demand is par for the course, I have had problems for years but keep persevering because I want to watch some of the show. guess it comes from being owned by richard desmond a right wing pornographer and lover of weather and health headlines on front page of daily think he did a good job with the bomber command memorial tho

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    No joy. I've tried the one I really wanted to watch because I missed it (the Holy Grail ep) and then I tried this one. The clips play, the eps don't. I thought it might be my Flash Player but everything else works - BBC, C4, YouTube you name it. But this doesn't work. At all. Come on C5 get with it.

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    ive just watched it froze a little bit but ok

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    Barb Holt

    You need to survive 5 or 6 adverts before the programme begins - probably less of a delay than before the "programme" began.

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    yes! I got it to play try keeping it small screen until after the adverts. Good luck!

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    don mac

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    fred anderson

    can anyone actually get this to play? I've tried on two laptops and on sony tv streamer and all I can watch are adverts! then it freezes.