• Episode 27: Chiro Runs Fast

    Chiro discovers what his special talent is when he has to rescue a friend in trouble.

  • Episode 24: Ullala's Secret

    Ullala's strange behaviour is explained when Chiro and his friends discover that he is planning a surprise for them.

  • Episode 23: The Lost Doll

    Chiro loses Chess's favourite toy. Will he be able to find it again?

  • Episode 22: The Camera

    When Charlie accidentally leaves his camera behind, Chiro takes it upon himself to go on a photography spree.

  • Episode 20: The Jar

    When Chiro breaks his Mum's beautiful new jar, Charlie helps him put it back together - but will Mum notice a difference?

  • Episode 18: Flying In A Balloon

    Chiro goes in a hot air balloon, but it floats away and he is taken to a strange land.

  • Episode 16: Charlie The Little Monkey

    Chiro and his pals help Charlie to find his way home.

  • Episode 15: Get Well, Chiyo!

    Chiro and Chico try everything they can think of to help their sibling feel better.

  • Episode 14: Ullala's Busy Day

    Cheeky Chiro interrupts Ullala's relaxation time by pawning his chores off onto the kindly crocodile.

  • Episode 9: How Do I Get A Mail?

    When Kuri and Ullala receive letters in the mail, the three chicks turn green with envy. What can they do to ensure they get some post of their own?

  • Episode 19: In Search Of A Dinosaur

    Chiro and his friends find a huge footprint - was it made by a real dinosaur?

  • Episode 13: All Mine!

    Chiro's greed gets the better of him when he wants to play with all of Kuri's toy cars.

  • Episode 12: Goodbye, Gorilla

    Chiro finds himself in a moral dilemma when it turns out that the toy monkey he found in the forest actually belongs to Ullala.

  • Episode 11: Riding The Seesaw

    Chiro and his friends perform a balancing act at the playground as they try to figure out how to use the seesaw.

  • Episode 10: Daddy's Treasure

    Chiro and his brothers are determined to find out what is locked inside their parents' strongbox.

  • Episode 8: Hide The Mess!

    Chiro, Chiko and Chiyo run amok in the house while their parents are out shopping.

  • Episode 7: Let's Share Together

    Chiro and his friends raid Ullala's pantry and gorge themselves on treats.

  • Episode 6: Kuri Is Under Magic

    Kuri eats a mystical fruit which causes his waistline to expand.

  • Episode 5: Strange Faces

    Chiro and his buddies draw scary faces on each other.

  • Episode 4: My First Driving Lesson

    Chiro and his siblings receive a gift of a toy car, but they can't agree on how to share it.

  • Episode 3: Who Are You?

    Chiro gets a makeover but decides he wants to revert to his original look.

  • Episode 2: Much Ado About Glasses

    Everyone has a special new object apart from Chiro, but what will he receive?

  • Episode 1: Hide And Seek

    Chiro and friends participate in a game of hide and seek.

  • Episode 52: Where's Chiro?

    After he wrecks Chess's picture and breaks Mum's and Ullala's favourite vases, Chiro hides, making everybody very worried.

  • Episode 51: Come To The Party

    When The Chicks decide to throw a party, forgetful Charlie forgets to invite Kuri.

  • Episode 50: Dancing Charlie

    Ullala mixes a potion to help Charlie with his terrible memory. But Charlie drinks it before Ullala has finished, and he can't stop dancing.

  • Episode 49: I'm Telling Mum!

    Chiro and Chico refuse to play with Chess after she tells tales about them. But Chess doesn't like playing alone. Can she make it up to her brothers?

  • Episode 48: Ullala's Present

    Ullala demonstrates how the chicks can reuse their old things by remodelling them, creating new toys from old favourites.

  • Episode 47: The Surprise Present

    The chicks discover an important date on their parents' calendar - their wedding anniversary. What surprise gift can they buy?

  • Episode 46: Chess Is Cross

    Chess is bothered by the fact that she is unable to jump as far as her brothers. She soon finds that by practising very hard, she can jump even further.

  • Episode 45: Princess Chess

    Chess's dreams of being a Princess soon aggravate her friends who become tired of playing along with her games.

  • Episode 44: I Want to Be Like Dad

    Everyone wants to be something when they grow up and Chico wants to be like his dad. Chico sets about helping him - whether he wants Chico to or not.

  • Episode 43: Playing Music

    Chiro and friends learn to play music using everyday things as instruments. But will they own up when Charlie gets over-excited and breaks Mum's best glasses?

  • Episode 42: The Lollipop Goblin

    Chiro, Chess and Chico find themselves in a sticky situation when they eat all the lollipops Mum and Dad have brought them, then lie about their greedy deed.

  • Episode 41: The Other Kuri

    Chaos and confusion reign as a pig that looks just like Kuri falls from the sky, and Kuri's friends think it is him.

  • Episode 40: I Want To Win

    Chiro and Chico play a new game, but Chiro cheats to make sure he wins. However, a bad dream soon teaches him the error of his ways.

  • Episode 39: The Three Wishes

    Chiro receives a magic stone from a mysterious bug, which grants him three wishes. But he has to be careful what he wishes for.

  • Episode 38: Magic Belt

    Kuri wishes he was hero, so Charlie gives him a magic belt. However, Kuri realises he doesn't need magic to be brave.

  • Episode 37: The Boomerang

    Chiro and his friends find a boomerang while playing hide and seek. They decide that whoever scores the most goals in a game of football can take it home.

  • Episode 36: Chiro Likes Sweets

    Chiro has a dream that he can have any sweet he wishes for, whenever he wants. But his sweet tooth leads him into trouble.

  • Episode 35: Chiro on Stilts

    Chiro wishes he were tall like Charlie, so he makes himself a pair of stilts. However, he soon realises that it is not always best to be tall.

  • Episode 34: Nobody Loves Me

    Chiro is getting the blame for everything. When he decides not to play with Chess and Chico, his brother and sister must think of a way to make it up to him.

  • Episode 33: Chiro the Caterpillar

    Chiro is turned into a caterpillar after eating one of Ullala's magic apples. When none of his friends recognise him, poor Chiro thinks he's being ignored.

  • Episode 32: The Magic Trumpet

    Charlie borrows Ullalla's magic trumpet, but his attempts to show off to his friends by pretending to play backfire when the trumpet starts playing out of tune.

  • Episode 31: Chiro, Home Alone

    Mum and Dad have gone to the seaside, but have forgotten to take Chiro! Although he has fun to begin with, he is soon spooked by the tale of Red Riding Hood...

  • Episode 30: I Wish I Was Chess

    Chiro disguises himself as his sister to get more attention.

  • Episode 29: Cheering Up Mum

    Chiro, Chico and Chess break their mother's vase. How will they make it up to her?

  • Episode 28: Chiro's Dream

    While on a camping trip, Chiro goes looking for a shooting star and meets a cast of colourful characters along the way.

  • Episode 26: The Magic Jar

    Chiro turns Kuri into a piglet with Ullala's magic jar. Piglet Kuri is very naughty. How will Chiro change him back again?

  • Episode 25: The Camping Trip

    It is a lovely sunny day when Chiro and his friends decide to go on a camping trip, even though the weather forecast is for rain.

  • Episode 17: Chiro Needs To Sleep

    Chiro has trouble sleeping because Chico and Chess are being noisy.

  • Episode 21: Cakes for Kuri

    Kuri's chances of a tasty treat are placed in jeopardy when the chicks accidentally lose the basket of cakes.