Series 1 - Episode 39: The Three Wishes


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Chiro receives a magic stone from a mysterious bug, which grants him three wishes. But he has to be careful what he wishes for.

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  • Series 1 - Episode 40: I Want To Win

    Chiro and Chico play a new game, but Chiro cheats to make sure he wins. However, a bad dream soon teaches him the error of his ways.


  • Series 1 - Episode 38: Magic Belt

    Kuri wishes he was hero, so Charlie gives him a magic belt. However, Kuri realises he doesn't need magic to be brave.

  • Series 1 - Episode 37: The Boomerang

    Chiro and his friends find a boomerang while playing hide and seek. They decide that whoever scores the most goals in a game of football can take it home.

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