Season 1 - Episode 1: Pilot


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Chuck tries to make sense of the vivid flashbacks he is experiencing after opening a mysterious email. Meanwhile, government agencies zero in on him.

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Comments (13)

  • g

    3 years ago


    wheres the play button?

  • 3 years ago


    I love CHUCK, i was gutted when chuck stop on Virgin 1, also i agree with "P" and i will be watching CHUCK!! again:)

  • Freazare

    3 years ago


    Many. many thanks for giving Chuck back to us.

  • KitKat

    3 years ago


    I love Chuck thankyou so much for showing it 5!!!

  • Jonny

    3 years ago


    Brilliant. Thank you 5* lets hope we get to see from Season 1 right up to season 4. Best show on TV

  • Nick

    3 years ago


    I was gutted when the brilliant channel Virgin1 was closed and Chuck vanished from Freeview homes so I'm so pleased that it is now on 5* instead.

  • crissy

    3 years ago


    thank you 5*! I LOVE CHUCK! hope you'll be showing the new series too???

  • gareth davis

    3 years ago

    gareth davis

    when is the new season of chuk comming out

  • Jason Harding

    3 years ago

    Jason Harding

    Chuck is brilliant especially S1. Deserves a place for all to see its Cpt Awesomeness. My Favorite show for the last couple of years simply think Zach Levi is fantastic in this role. Oh & special mention to Yvonne Strahovski watch it & you will soon know why guys & prob girls.

  • Annie Paterson

    3 years ago

    Annie Paterson

    This is undoubtedlty the best show on TV. Fiver, you are my new hero!

  • q

    3 years ago


    I LOVE U FIVER i watched this on virgin but its not avalable in wales now so it will be realy good to catch p on shuck and to eventualy see a few new episodes

  • Thomas Wheeler

    3 years ago

    Thomas Wheeler

    Aye, I agree wholeheartedly with "P". Thanks for beating me to it!

  • P

    3 years ago


    Well done, Channel 5, for screening the best show on TV - ever. If you didn't see Chuck first time round, give it a try, you won't be disappointed. And if you've seen it once already, you'll know how good it is and will want to see it again!