Series 1 - Beware of the Yeti

city of friends

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Martin, Mia and Jumpi find some huge footprints in the snow. Where do they come from? What sort of creature is it? It must be a yeti! Jumpi suggests they go and find the yeti – since he’s the best yeti finder in the whole wide world! Tiffany and Petey come across the children and even they get involved in the yeti hunt. Tiffany asks Max and Hayley for help in finding where the prints go to. Max leads them to where the prints stop and to Kimmy’s postbag which is sitting in the middle of the pavement. When Kimmy comes out of a house they discover it was her heavy bag making the imprints in the snow, not a yeti. Much as the children are disappointed that they hadn’t caught a real, live yeti, they are happy to help Kimmy deliver her post, because as Jumpi says…’I’m the best letter deliverer in the whole wide world!’

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