Series 1 - Gi and Raffe's Look Out Duties

city of friends

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Gi and Raffe are a little distracted. It seems that doing the same thing every day has become a little tedious – and it makes their feet hurt standing still all the time! The teams put their heads together and come up with an idea to cheer up the two giraffes. A walkabout! Problems arise when Jumpi discovers a fire and sends Max and the emergency crews in the wrong direction, plus Gi and Raffe aren’t at their posts to direct the crews properly. Eventually Raffe spots the fire. Because the giraffes don’t have their radios, Gi goes after Peter and Raffe catches up with Frankie. The fire gets extinguished and after all the excitement; Gi and Raffe are pleased to go back to their look out points; peace is back in the City - and Jumpi is left being disappointed that there isn’t any trouble for him to discover….anywhere!

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