Series 1 - Gone Fishin'

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Jumpi has a new metal detector, and wants Martin and Mia to go on a treasure hunt with him, but they are going fishing with their dad. When Max and Scoot get into an accident on a bumpy road, Jumpi comes to the rescue and calls for help. Meanwhile out on the lake, the fishing trip runs into trouble as Bonnie the boat has become entangled in an old net. Bonnie has to radio for help, and back in the city, the search is on for Hayley the helicopter’s key, which fell out of Max’s pocket. They use the metal detector to try and find it at the scene of the accident, but Timba has had the key all along. The team – along with a patched-up Max - fly off in the nick of time to the rescue, where Bonnie, the kids and dad are drifting ever further from the shore.

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