Series 1 - The Case of the Missing Case

city of friends

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A false alarm sees Barney, Frankie and Elphie racing to the school, only to find Jumpi has ignored all the fire drill rules and is stuck on the school roof. Eliphie is unable to reach Jumpi with the safety harness, so they call Max to bring Hayley along to help.
Unknown to Max, a rope trailing from the helicopter catches onto Barney’s suitcase, carrying it some distance before it falls, landing in the hospital garage. Having completed the rescue operation, Barney is relieved that he can go on holiday, but finds his suitcase has gone missing. Max finds Ted with the suitcase and accuses Ted of stealing it, but it turns out that Ted grabbed this case by mistake when he went to attend Kimmy. Barney’s suitcase is restored, the mix-up is discovered, and Max ends up with a very red face.

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