Series 1 - Where's Scoot?

city of friends

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Kimmy, the kangaroo in the mail service in City of Friends, has too much post for her pouch so she has to use another bag on her morning rounds, as she chats to various towns-folk - including a rather long and drawn out conversation at Friends Hospital - she realises she no longer has the bag, and is convinced that it has been stolen. Max and Scoot retrace Kimmy’s steps around the town, and ‘catch’ Ted and Tina ‘red-handed’ with the post-bag at the Hospital! Having recognised it as an honest mistake, Max and Scoot take the postbag back to Kimmy. While Max is in the station scoot disappears, and when it is radioed that Jumpi has had an accident, the culprit of the case of the missing Scoot is revealed.

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