Series 1 - Winter Blunderland

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There’s great excitement in the City of Friends. It’s snowing and Martin, Mai and Jumpi are out tobogganing. At the same time a fire has started in a warehouse. ElphieIs sick so Barney and Tom go out to tackle the blaze without her, but when they arrive they discover Frankie’s pipes have frozen so there is no water to put the fire out. Petey has got stuck in a snowdrift and it’s up to Max to help him out of it. Meantime, Jumpi has rolled down a hill with a ball of snow, which gets bigger and bigger on the way down. But, what could have been a disaster is avoided when Jumpi's huge snowball hits the warehouse and puts the fire out. Barney and Tom are delighted, and although Jumpi is a little bit shaken up, he’s delighted that the emergency crews think that he is a hero.

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