Classic Car Rescue

Mario Pacione

Mario’s on a mission to bring six iconic cars back from the ground to their former glory.

Mario Pacione

For more than three decades, entrepreneur and car expert Mario Pacione’s deal-making Midas touch and undeniable charm has taken him around the world of cars and back again. Whether it’s buying and selling rust-buckets or luxurious specialty imports, for a man whose last name means “Passion”, Mario eats, sleeps and breathes cars. 

A love of the history, style and the rumble of racing engines led Mario to his first Porsche purchase in the late 1980’s.  His ’75 911 Targa brought a new level of passion on both sides of the hood and since then, Mario hasn’t let a year go by without taking on a new passion project. Mario owns a repair, sales and restoration business specializing in high performance, iconic cars.

For Mario, rescuing cars is like a constant treasure hunt. Nothing beats the thrill of each discovery. “…it’s the challenge to be able to do something from scratch, or start over again and resurrect something that was going to be crushed… I just get a kick out of it, it’s a high for me, I can’t explain it any other way.” 

Channel 5 and Discovery’s Classic Car Rescue is Mario’s first venture into television, where he’ll be bringing his one-of-a-kind expertise straight from the garage into homes across the globe.

From the deal-making handshake to that final turn of the key, Mario’s on a mission to bring six of the world’s most iconic cars back from the ground to their former glory.