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Jaguar E-Type

Quite simply one of the most famous and desirable cars in automotive history.

Jaguar E-Type

When the Jaguar E-Type was unveiled in 1961 it sent a shockwave through the automotive world, setting new standards in automotive design and performance – and even causing Enzo Ferrari to weep “it’s the most beautiful car ever made”.

Capable of achieving 150mph, it incorporated racing technology such as the Jaguar developed, but aircraft industry inspired, disc brakes that had enabled its forerunners (the C-Type and D-Type) to win the Le Mans 24 hours 5 times. Yet, ultimately it was a road car, and cost a fraction of the price of its Italian rivals but was better looking and faster. 

Back then it was the affordable super-car favoured by celebrities such as George Best, Brigitte Bardot, and Tony Curtis. It became as synonymous with the Swinging Sixties as the Beatles, the mini skirt, Mary Quant and Carnaby Street. Britain was undeniably the coolest country in the world – and the Jaguar E-Type encapsulated the innovative youthful spirit of the era it came to symbolise