Cowboy Builders

Dom and Gabrielle

Up and down the country, cowboy builders are causing devastation and dismay. These reckless workmen are always bad news, leaving behind them piles of rubble, financial angst and heartache - and it's up to our team to fix up ruined homes and drive the bad builders out of town. Standing up for aggrieved consumers everywhere are Dominic Littlewood and Gabrielle Blackman.


  • Series 9 - Oldham

    Dom and Gabi come to the aid of a couple in Oldham who were left with no kitchen.


  • Series 9 - Great Yarmouth

    Dom and Gabrielle come to the aid of an elderly couple who were left with a half-built extension.

    Available until 20:00 9 Sep 2015

  • Series 1 - Episode 3: Leeds

    Melinda Messenger and Dominic Littlewood come to the rescue of homeowners. A couple in Leeds need help fixing their botched loft conversion.

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