Series 7 - Episode 1: Bradford

Dom and Mel

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Dom and Mel are in Bradford, where a hard-working Dad has been toiling day and night to fix the mess left behind by a cowboy builder.

In 2002 Naheem and Faye Khan bought a three-bedroom bungalow. Back then they had just one child, Ava, now thirteen - but since then the Khans have added five little boys to their brood. The family decided on an extension, but the stress of all living under one roof caused Faye and the kids to move out – making getting the work done all the more important.

But having paid their builder £44,000, he walked off – leaving the Khan family with a half built wreck: without windows, doors, heating or electricity.

Melinda has a huge task on her hands to prepare for a family of eight to move back home – with thirteen rooms in need of TLC, not to mention there being no kitchen and no bathroom.

Meanwhile, Dom is on the trail of the builder who appears to have left a trail of devastation across Bradford. A pattern emerges of the cowboy giving low quotes, and then demanding more money before the job is finished. When he finally comes face to face with Dom, he makes a startling admission...



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  • jayne

    5 months ago


    He did just get the job done for free I went passed his house this week and it is no better he also rang us to see if we would do some tiling work and he wanted it for free basically how dare he he does not deserve a make over his house is an absolute bombs hit it inside not what it looked like Cowboy builders its a mess this guy took advantage his house is disgracful I think you should go back and look at the lovely work you did well I think you will find it has gone

  • Damn-Deal-Done

    5 months ago


    So he got all that and only paid £50,000? nice work channel 5. You just got taken for a ride. Why not help people who actuality need the help and not someone needing a job doing for free?

  • brendan lynn

    10 months ago

    brendan lynn

    OMG the same guy did this to me

  • Holly

    11 months ago


    This is a brilliant program but you have the evidence, but why cannot you arrest these cowboys? or try and change the law so they be put in prison? This program is showing that they can just get away with it! Our law systems needs to change, you don't even have to have qualifications to be a builder because the organization do nothing about it!

  • yakovskiiii

    12 months ago


    i give up on this crappy website. too many adverts and then the videos stop and take ages to load...absolute shite. we cant even enjoy what we want to watch. sort the ads and player out!!! its very very annoying.

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  • _Harley_

    1 year ago


    Where the subtiles because I'm hearing impaired?? I was looking for the "S" sign?????

  • ann riley

    1 year ago

    ann riley

    this was a lovely tiny bungalow, wiuth planning permission for 2 additional rooms, how did the council allow it, there is just 1" between this house and next door!!

  • Another John

    1 year ago

    Another John

    This is why you should never let yourself be interrogated by anyone in authority unless you are forced to. John was only going to look worse after speaking to C5.

  • Dejo Abolade

    1 year ago

    Dejo Abolade

    I'm sorry to say but I have no sympathy for the first couple (that's as far as I was able to view the programme). How could they have expected the work to cost £50,000? did they expect the builder to steal the materials? The programme is so unreal, they should only take on people that have engaged real builders with genuine quotation. The programme makers should have asked to see the other quotes they got before engaging the builders. If for example you get three quotes ranging from £100,000 to £120,000 and then the fourth for £50,000 and you chose the guy who quoted £50,000 then you only have yourself to blame if the guy runs away.

  • Simon

    1 year ago


    SAME OLD SAME OLD! Over budget, John shaking his head, tears and hugs, Mel having to get freebies and how often do you EVER see the cowboy properly brought to book - in jail, out of business, assets confiscated, made to put right ALL his shoddy work. So stage managed!

  • Neil

    1 year ago


    Stopped in the middle of adverts ! ...... I give up with catch up on 5

  • meercat

    1 year ago


    Brill NO probs at all thx C5

  • Dan

    1 year ago


    Not playing at all :-( Missed the second half of it on TV & wanted to catch up here.

  • craig

    1 year ago


    why is their no sound?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • goofy

    1 year ago


    no sound avalible.most anoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • robert

    1 year ago


    was looking forward to the show butt no sound

  • Neil

    1 year ago


    There is problems with the programme playing but surprisingly the adverts play ok. Not good and getting sick of all these issues !

  • gary

    1 year ago


    no sound whats happening

  • Charlotte

    1 year ago


    Why is there no sound on this video?

  • emcquade

    1 year ago


    the dialogue is totally missing and the commentary is out of sync

  • Peter

    1 year ago


    why is the sound out of sync on this video, come on demand 5 sort it out

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  • Olliehere

    1 year ago


    Love this show!

  • Snrterry

    1 year ago


    A great show one that I always watch