Series 2 - Episode 1: Sheffield

Dom & Melinda

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This week, Melinda Messenger and Dominic Littlewood meet a family from Sheffield who were left
with a derelict house and thousands of pounds’ worth of debt.

Three years ago, Craig and Jo remortgaged their home and spent £32,000 of borrowed money on an extension. Before they knew it, a dodgy builder had fled with their cash, leaving the family with a structurally unsound roof and a gaping hole in their wall. Craig, Jo and their sons endured two winters with a leaking roof before they were able to borrow another huge chunk of money to patch it up. And only the kindness of the builder living next door prevented them from living with a permanent hole in the side of their home.

Dom and Melinda arrive at the scene to find a family that, like their home, is on the verge of collapse. Craig and Jo admit that the stress of living in what is effectively still a building site has all but torn their marriage apart. “I believe it’s my fault we’re in this situation,” sobs Craig. “I’ve failed a little bit really.” Meanwhile, Jo admits that their two boys have been the only thing holding the couple together. “Hopefully we might be able to become a normal family again at some point,” she adds. “But I won’t believe it until I see it.”

Determined to turn the family’s fortunes around, Melinda drafts in a team of experts to help. When new project manager John sees the state of the roof for the first time, the colour visibly drains from his face. “I’m amazed it’s still there to be honest,” John says. Melinda plans to knock through the family’s original kitchen, extending it into the abandoned extension to create the spacious kitchen-diner Jo has always wanted. Upstairs, Melinda envisions a master bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe and en suite bathroom. However, money and time are not on her side –with a £14,000 budget and just ten days, John warns Melinda that the task is impossible.

Tensions increase between the pair when Melinda reveals that she also wants to redecorate the
boys’ bedrooms. “I just can’t see them come running into this house, running up the stairs to see their new bedrooms – and this is what they’ve got,” she says, gesturing at the shabby wallpaper and tattered curtains. “Honestly, that would break my heart.” But will Melinda be able to persuade ever-practical John to see things her way?

Meanwhile, Dom sets off in search of renegade builder Wayne – the man responsible for destroying the family’s lives. Dom finds that Wayne has swept through South Yorkshire, leaving a trail of broken homes in his wake.

Will Dom manage to catch the cowboy before he rides off into the sunset with another trusting customer’s cash?


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