Series 6 - Episode 2: Pontefract

Dom and Mel in Pontefract

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With their first grandchild on the way, David and Edith decided to extend their home of 25 years to give them space for big family get-togethers. In their small village in West Yorkshire, everyone knows everyone, so it was natural that they would choose a local builder to do the work. He agreed a price of £17,000 for the job, and since he lived practically on their doorstep, they felt sure they could trust him.

Everything seemed to be going fine, until the local building officer arrived and the couple realised
they had a problem. By this time, they had handed their builder over £14,000. In just three short months, he had turned their dream project into a structurally unsafe nightmare.

Melinda and her team really have their work cut out, trying to sort out the mess left behind. From foundations built on plastic pipework to wonky walls, an unstable roof and wall cavities stuffed with toilet paper instead of insulation, they uncover a horror story of shocking workmanship. It looks like they may have to pull it all down and begin again from scratch, spelling disaster for the whole project…

Meanwhile, Dom doesn’t have far to look to find this cowboy. And it doesn’t take him long to discover that our victims are not the only local family to suffer his workmanship – and interesting things stuffed in their cavity walls.



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