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    over 2 years ago


    In the interest of fairness and balance we trust the moderator will allow these comments. Firstly regarding paying cheap the build cost was over 22k as 17k was the amount of money being paid directly to the builder as some costs we paid direct. it was not the cheapest quote but as the guy lived 200metres away he got the job. Secondly we contributed a significant 5 figure sum to cowboy builders as there budget would not cover the refurb costs. Many of the items featured including some craft items were our belongings. Before the show was broadcast we shared some of our "spoils" with the other couple featured. We had to pack up to allow CB access and had insufficcient room to store all our possessions so we donated items of furniture and belongings to three local charities who have already raised several hundred pounds [ their figures not ours ] as a result. In addition we still have to find a five figure sum to put right aspects of the build not featured on the show. No one can put a price we paid with the misery we suffered at the hands of this guy for 15 months. we never entered the show for financial gain but to put a stop to him. sadly there are 10 other victims in our village alone we now know of. Because we live in a large house [ which has taken us 42 years to put together does not mean we are wealthy. we are both on low fixed incomes and rely on our savings to supplement this. money we have lost. We will be eternally grateful to cowboy builders and all those who assisted them for ending our torture by facilitating a way through the problems and to all those who gave us encouragement and support

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