Series 6 - Episode 3: Cardiff

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This week Dom and Mel meet a family from Wales whose house was left in such a dangerous state by a cowboy builder that it could have cost them their lives.

With a new grandson on the way, Clive and Teresa decided to convert their loft so that their daughter Hollie, son-in-law Craig and their new arrival could have their own space in the family home. They employed a local builder, who assured them he would do a superb job in time for the baby’s arrival.

Work started, but it wasn’t long before Clive and Teresa began to think something was seriously wrong as the main ridge on the roof began to twist and sink. Although the builder told them not to worry, they were so alarmed they called in the building inspector. He told them it was the worst job he had seen in 20 years and that the roof was in danger of collapsing on the family below.

After six months, the builder disappeared from the site. Meanwhile, baby Osian had been born with serious health problems. When the time came for Hollie and Craig to bring him home from intensive care, they had no choice but to return to what was what still a hazardous building site.

Melinda and her team face a huge challenge to make good the damage. The whole roof has to come off and be rebuilt in some of the worst weather of the year. Determined to gather proof of just how dangerous this cowboy is, Dom sets up a sting operation to catch him in the act...



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