Series 6 - Episode 5: Lincoln


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Melinda and Dom are in Lincoln on the trail of a cowboy builder who left single mum Lisa with a kitchen extension not fit for purpose.

Lisa was left to bring up her two young boys when her partner Gary died suddenly in 2002 at the age of 32. Five years on, using money left behind by Gary, Lisa took the once-in-a-lifetime step of having a kitchen extension built for the whole family to enjoy. She found a local builder, who agreed a price of £29,000 for a two-month job.

Two months on, the builder had walked off the job, having taken £25,000 of Lisa’s money. Instead of her dream kitchen, she was left with a cold, unusable shell, open to the elements. The last of her cash was spent putting tiles on the roof to keep out the rain and snow. Despite working long hours, Lisa has not yet raised enough cash to fix and finish the build. After hearing her story, Melinda and her team set to work to rectify the problem. But giving Lisa a kitchen to be proud of is not going to be the simple job they thought.

Meanwhile, Dom traces the builder’s activities over the last four years. He learns of another bereaved family whose home has been left in tatters. Dom is determined to get some answers from the cowboy, but since it seems the builder has outstayed his welcome in Lincolnshire, Dom has to head across the country in order to hunt him down...

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  • Steven b

    over 1 year ago

    Steven b

    ad block add-on on for Firefox & Google c........ is what you need to remove adverts. its makes a big difference. if i wanted ads then i would ask, the ad block works great on YouTube, 4od, demand 5, and its free. great show but im still having big issues watching this show on YouTube due to very slow loading and pausing. i got a 100mb connection so their is no issue my side as works great on here but not YouTube. great show and keep up the good work :)


    almost 2 years ago


    Damn, they did quite a good job and believe you me I could have done better than that Henry whatever guy. :p

  • mia

    almost 2 years ago


    Well done dom and mel and well done john

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  • jo

    2 years ago


    Once again, adverts work fine, and the show doesnt play. sort it out 5!

  • Kevin Chilton

    2 years ago

    Kevin Chilton

    Poor building work , littie scam he his lol , my little sister could do better even she knows you put cement in sand. I can hammer nails in with my hand! Good luck Lisa, shes got a brand new life again , thanks guys

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  • Callum AKA The Cat

    2 years ago

    Callum AKA The Cat

    Poor Building Work from a rubbish Builder. Scam. Good Luck to Lisa, Michael and Gary. Well Done Dom, Mel and John brilliant job.

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  • Vic

    2 years ago


    I used to work for this clown, he is a rubbish builder :-(

  • darren doherty

    2 years ago

    darren doherty

    have found a possible scam that needs more investigating please contact me dom.

  • John M Reilly

    2 years ago

    John M Reilly

    Excellemt investiive programme ones heart goes out the victims of these cowboys but what are the police doing to bring them to judtice. It would be interesting to know what they are doing to curb the activities of these criminals.

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