Series 2 - Episode 6: Buxworth & Glossop

Dom & Melinda

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In the final instalment of the series, the team takes on two renovation jobs at once when Melinda and Dom uncover the extent of the destruction left behind by one cowboy.

In Derbyshire, Greg and Claire were fast running out of space in their quaint cottage. With one young child and another on the way, the couple decided a loft conversion would create some much-needed additional room for their expanding family. However, the builder hired by Greg and Claire left their house in such a bad state that the local building inspector said it was the worst he had seen in his 20-year career.

As Dom goes in search of the culprit, Melinda, interior designer Sophie and builder John work out a plan for putting right the wrongs perpetrated by the cowboy. Melinda is desperate to give the family the beautiful home they deserve, but with both time and money tight, she is forced to rely on the kindness of local suppliers and tradesmen.

Meanwhile, Dom sets out to compile a dossier of the dodgy builder’s dastardly deeds. In the process he meets Beverly and Rob, who have been victims of the same cowboy. Having run out of cash, and with a baby on the way, the couple have been rushing to repair the mess themselves before the birth. Appalled to see heavily pregnant Bev struggling with backbreaking DIY jobs, Dom gets straight on the phone to Melissa.

But will a second project prove to be a challenge too far for the team?


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