Series 6 - Episode 6: Camberley revisited

Dom, Mel, Pam and Georgina

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One year on, Melinda and Dom catch up with Pam and Georgina, who they helped in series 4.

After losing her mother to cancer, single mum Pam had decided she wanted a complete change of lifestyle for herself and daughter Georgina. She took voluntary redundancy after 23 years of working in an office and decided to retrain as a massage therapist working with the chronically ill. To make her plan financially viable she had decided to use the money she received from her redundancy to convert the loft of her two-bed semi, giving her an extra bedroom so she could take on a lodger.

Pam’s dream turned into a nightmare when the builder she hired vanished after four months having pocketed £20,000. He left her with a wrecked loft room that was uninhabitable, exposed to the elements and in danger of collapse. While Melinda and her team pulled out all the stops to give Pam and Georgina back a safe, secure home, Dom went on the hunt for the builder who had left them in this mess. He soon discovered a string of other families with their dreams in tatters. After an extended search Dom eventually managed to corner the builder on a train platform, where he promised he would give up the building game for good...



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