Series 6 - Episode 10: Fleet

Mel, Amanda and Dom

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Unable to live in the house since her builder left the job, single mum Amanda Goldthorpe-Hall has been forced to move back in with her parents in Southampton – resulting in her having to make a 100-mile round trip to take her son to school.

After paying the builder £20,500 of her life savings, Amanda has been left with an unfinished and incorrectly built extension and a house open to the elements, without hot water or heating. Amanda and her 10-year-old son Edward have been badly affected by their predicament. Living out of a suitcase and sharing a bedroom has taken its toll on both of them. Also, Edward's beloved dog Maisy – who was put in kennels for the duration of the build – has since died of old age.

Melinda and her team face the massive challenge of tackling a build that affects every room of the house. Melinda's personal mission is to give a little boy his dream of a tennis-themed bedroom and a new dog. Meanwhile, Dom's investigation takes an interesting turn when the builder in question decides to change his vocation. Dom demands answers when the builder agrees to an interview and has a big surprise in store for him...



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