Series 8 - Episode 4: Sheffield

Episode 4: Sheffield

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Dom and Mel are in Sheffield on the trail of one of the most audacious cowboys that they have ever come across. In 2011, he took two families of next-door neighbours for a ride at the same time!

Phil Clarke and Anna Sherman had just bought their first house together and wanted a few home improvements to get the place ship shape. Next door, Ralph and Christine Dawson needed some basic maintenance work to be done, including repointing their backwall. The same builder was employed to carry out both sets of work, but when he arrived he told them that both houses had woodworm in the roof and he issued Phil and Anna's loft with a demolition order. Having shocked both couples to the core, the builder then persuaded them into agreeing that he treat not only the woodworm problems, but also reinstate both lofts as proper bedrooms for a combined cost of £65,000. However, the builder wrecked both lofts and left.

An independent, expert witness employed by the Dawson's labelled thework as the worst that he has seen in 20 years and it will cost both couples more to put right than they both paid the builder in the first place. They have also since discovered that the builder did not have the authority to issue a demolition order.

Melinda has a massive job on her hands as she tries to get the two families' homes rectified. Meanwhile, Dom sets off to find the builder and stop himin his tracks.



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