Series 8 - Episode 9: Woking update

Episode 9: Woking update

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Melinda and Dom are back on the trail of one of the biggest rogues they have ever investigated – a cowboy so bad that he has featured on the show twice!

This builder first appeared on the show's radar in the first series back in 2008. Single mum Cath had dreamed of creating a secure future for herself and her three children by buying the council house she lived in, but needed to get some major building work done in order to get a mortgage. Unfortunately for Cath, she chose a cowboy company to do the work. Despite being paid £30,000, they completely botched the job, leaving Cath with a home that was effectively worthless. While Melinda’s team sorted out the mess, Dom uncovered more victims. But when Dom tried to get some answers, the cowboy went to ground.

A year later in 2009, Mel and Dom were called into help another single mum whose life had been wrecked by the same cowboy. When Jacqui Smith decided to extend her home, it was part of a plan to help her best friend Liz Donaldson, who had terminal cancer. The builder took £26,000 to build the extension – but never even started it! Dom was quickly on the case, uncovering lots of unhappy homeowners.

The investigation hotted up even further when he spoke to a former business colleague, who told him the cowboy had used other people to front companies for him while he was banned from running a business. This time, Dom succeeded in getting his man. Five years on, Dom and Melinda are back to see how life has been for Cath and Jacqui – and to find out whether justice is finally going to be served on this unrepentant rogue...


  • Series 9 - Spain

    Dom and Gabrielle hear the tragic story of a Brit who bought an illegally and shoddily built hotel in Spain, only to lose everything after it was shut down.


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