CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

CSI: Vegas Meets New York on Channel 5

Find out more about the CSI crossover episodes that see Vegas's DB Russell and New York's Mac Taylor join forces on a thrilling new case.

It's not the first time CSI series have merged paths, but a couple of firsts are still involved in the upcoming CSI: Vegas Meets New York crossover episodes.

Gary Sinise's Detective Mac Taylor leaves the Big Apple to visit his girlfriend Christine in Las Vegas as a new story begins on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, airing Monday 20 May, 9pm on Channel 5. The problem is: when he arrives, she can't be found. The mystery comes to involve DB Russell, who follows Mac back East as the tale concludes in CSI: New York, Tuesday 21 May, 9pm on Channel 5.

Although star Gary Sinise was involved in two stories that merged his series with CSI: Miami, he'd never before been on the set of the Vegas-based drama and, since Ted Danson only joined CSI last season, this is first opportunity to visit a related show.

CSI: Vegas Meets New York, Part 1

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation | Season 13 - Episode 13: In Vino Veritas

Monday 20 May, 9pm on Channel 5

CSI: Vegas Meets New York


CSI: Vegas Meets New York, Part 2

CSI: New York | Season 9 - Episode 15: Seth and Apep

Tuesday 21 May, 9pm on Channel 5

CSI: Vegas Meets New York

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  • A.Powell

    6 months ago


    Ali I'm in the same boat as all the others. Why can't you just make the episode available for 1 week as the link didn't work for us ?

  • kevin

    10 months ago


    series link for this did not work.... only just found out!!!! aaaaaaaargh.....!

  • Zoe

    10 months ago


    Series link didn't work come on a reply wouuld be polite !!!!!!!!

  • Naomi

    10 months ago


    Didnt series link for me too..... GUTTED :-(

  • Gina

    11 months ago


    Oh please can you repeat part 2 of CSI Las Vegas meets New York.

  • Dani

    11 months ago


    Missed it too. Can you please repeat 2nd part and advertise when it will be on.

  • Scott last

    11 months ago

    Scott last

    Missed part 2 please can you show it again

  • Kim

    11 months ago


    Can you please repeat part 2 and advertise the fact. My series link also did not work and I am unable to catch-up on Demand. Seems to have affected a lot of people

  • Kim

    11 months ago


    Please can you repeat and advertise the fact. I am another victim of series link not working and can no longer catch-up on Demand.

  • Laura

    11 months ago


    Series link didn't work on sky so I haven't got the second episode, is it being repeated? If so when and what channel?

  • Ruth

    11 months ago


    Part one clashed (with nothing) please confirm when will be on demand (sky or channel5)

  • Mabel

    11 months ago


    Just catching up on CSI only to find out it is a 2 parter and the Series link has not picked up the NY 2nd part GRrrrr. Have tried, but to no avail to find it on catchup ect.. anyone any ideas pleaseeeee.

  • Kelly

    11 months ago


    I've missed it too as the series link didnt work. Funny how if worked for the week after. Would love to watch part 2. Will it be repeated?

  • mrs terry-ann taylor

    11 months ago

    mrs terry-ann taylor

    I am yet another victim of the series link not working, if they cannot get the series link to work why don't they get shown on the same night. This is not the first time that this has happened, it happened before with Hawaii 50 and ncis los angeles.

  • Elaine

    11 months ago


    Have missed all these repeats - will part 2 be back on again somewhere soon?

  • Grumpy

    11 months ago


    No series link? Why? is this Channel 5's fault? Awful to not link a 2 part series!

  • kerry

    11 months ago


    i only just seen an now it has gone off on demand will it be on again the second part

  • jules

    11 months ago


    Is it going to be shown again. I too am a victim to the series link not workig and missed the repeat on 26th

  • Don

    11 months ago


    Demand 5 has part 2 available at the moment... We only managed to record part 1 as well But at least you can download it at the moment

  • Bragger

    11 months ago


    Chrissy we missed it too. It's cos my recorder was set to Vegas and part 2 is classed as New York!

  • Keith

    11 months ago


    This Sunday 11pm

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  • Claire

    11 months ago


    5USA on 26 May has both episodes back to back, just set my recorder to go!

  • Steve

    11 months ago


    When will part 2 be repeated? Another victim of series link failing!!!

  • Chrissy MCALLISTER

    11 months ago

    Chrissy MCALLISTER

    Bloody series link didn't pick up part 2. Where/when can I see it again ?

  • Anjali

    11 months ago


    surely it would have made far more sense to air the two series side by side, instead of showing us an episode from the middle of the series, which will have to be shown again at a later date anyway?