• Episode 22: Skin in the Game

    A serial killer appears to be inspired by Dante's Inferno.

  • Episode 21: Ghosts of the Past

    The Vegas CSIs investigate the murder of the leader of a group of ghost hunters.

  • Episode 20: Fearless

    The detectives are called in to investigate after a team-building weekend comes to a murderous end.

  • Episode 19: Backfire

    The scene of a multiple murder appears to be the latest in a series of violent house burglaries until the team unlocks the evidence of the crime’s child witness.

  • Episode 18: Sheltered

    A murder inquiry leads DB and the team to a suspect who's been living in an underground bunker.

  • Episode 17: Dead of the Class

    The CSIs join David Phillips at his high school reunion when he discovers the prom queen’s been murdered.

  • Episode 16: Last Woman Standing

    DB and the team try to turn the tables on a killer who wants revenge for a rigged poker game.

  • Episode 15: Forget Me Not

    Sara becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation.

  • Episode 14: Exile

    When the sister of a famous Cuban singer is killed, the team suspects the death may be linked to a family feud.

  • Episode 13: In Vino Veritas

    Vegas Meets New York in the first part of a crossover episode in which Mac turns to DB for help finding his missing girlfriend.

  • Episode 12: Double Fault

    The CSIs investigate the murder of a rising tennis star whose fiercest rival was also her best friend.

  • Episode 11: Dead Air

    DB and the team investigate when a TV news anchor is killed at his own news desk during a colossal storm that causes a blackout in the studio.

  • Episode 10: Risky Business Class

    Sabotage is suspected when a light aircraft crashes in the middle of Vegas, killing the pilot and three passengers.

  • Episode 9: Strip Maul

    When the team finds a body while out on patrol in the strip, the suspects include several street criminals whom they have already arrested.

  • Episode 8: CSI On Fire

    The decomposed bodies of eight young women are found in what appears to be a meteor site in the middle of the Nevada desert.

  • Episode 7: Fallen Angels

    Old memories resurface for the CSI team when a clergyman is found dead on Warrick Brown's grave.

  • Episode 6: Pick and Roll

    DB's son Charlie is among the murder suspects when the West Las Vegas University basketball coach is found dead.

  • Episode 5: Play Dead

    When a police dog handler is murdered, the only living witness is his canine partner.

  • Episode 4: It Was a Very Good Year

    The team investigates when the body of a musicologist is found in the desert, stuffed inside a piano.

  • Episode 3: Wild Flowers

    A murder at a rave in the desert leads D.B. Russell and his team to unearth the harrowing case of two sisters held as sex slaves.

  • Episode 2: Code Blue Plate Special

    When the CSI team visit their favourite local restaurant, they stumble upon a crime scene.

  • Episode 1: Karma To Burn

    The CSI team races to find D.B. Russell's missing granddaughter in the wake of her kidnap.