Season 4 - Episode 2: All For Our Country

Grissom and Brass

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In the concluding part, the investigation into the double homicide uncovers two more murders, with Grissom believing that a police officer may be involved.


  • Season 2 - Episode 20: Cat's Cradle

    Grissom and Catherine investigate when an elderly woman who lived in a house full of cats is stabbed to death, while Nick and Sara probe a car bombing.


  • Season 2 - Episode 17: Felonius Monk

    The bodies of four Buddhist monks are found in a monastery near Vegas, and when Grissom investigates he discovers the monks were shot at point blank range.

  • Season 10 - Episode 1: Family Affair

    When a rising young actress is killed, it appears to be a routine drink-driving collision. However, the team soon suspects that there is more to the case.

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