Season 12 - Episode 20: Altered Stakes

Episode 20: Altered Stakes

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Nick learns fromthe district attorney that Carl Bowden, whom the CSIs helped put away for murder seven years before, is about to walk free. The original evidence used to convict him is tainted by its association with a crooked cop, Sam Vega. To keep this violent killer behind bars, the CSI team has to re-examine the evidence years after the crime was commited to find enough new clues to trigger a retrial and prove once and for all that Bowden is guilty.

The CSIs delve into Bowden’s history, looking for any previous crimes that he might have committed and were overlooked, but for which he could now be tried. With Bowden's history of anger management issues, it doesn't take the team long to turn up a possible earlier assault in which a young woman barely escapedwith her life. Can it be proved that Bowden was to blame for this crime?


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