Season 5 - Episode 4: Crow's Feet

Episode 4: Crow's Feet

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A woman is found dead in a hotel room and sores on her body lead to fears she could have Ebola. Luckily, she doesn't, but Robbins believes she was poisoned.


  • Season 11 - Episode 4: Sqweegel

    When a respected philanthropist is attacked in her bed, the CSIs discover that the attacker was watching the victim for some time – from within her home.


  • Season 2 - Episode 22: Cross Jurisdictions

    The team find themselves handling a high-profile case. With the trail leading to Miami, they receive help from Horatio Caine. David Caruso guests.

  • Season 2 - Episode 7: Caged

    The body of a book restorer is found locked in the 'cage' of a temperature-controlled workspace. Grissom and Nick must work out if it is a case of suicide or murder.

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