Season 12 - Episode 22: Homecoming

Episode 22: Homecoming

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In the season finale, a dinner for the sheriff's re-election campaign is interrupted by the discovery of a triple homicide nearby. A drug dealer, his bodyguard and Veronica Gilmore, the wife of the sheriff's friend Jack Gilmore, have all been brutally killed.

When the team discovers that a hockey stick bearing the name of Gilmore's team is his wife's murder weapon, suspicion immediately falls on the sheriff's buddy, but the shock revelation of a secret medical condition rules him out. There was no way he had the physical capacity to kill his wife.

The rest of the evidence pointing to Gilmore is so strong, however, that there is only one other possible explanation: someone is trying to set him up, but who? As two of the victims were involved in drugs, the team theorises that the murders were somehow motivated by the drugs trade.

When a narcotics cop reveals that Gilmore's wife was a confidential informant, their suspicions are confirmed and another wrinkle is added to the case. Only someone within the police department would know Mrs Gilmore's status - and a close examination of a gun used in the crime points the finger of guilt at a villain from seasons past...



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