Season 7 - Episode 4: Fannysmackin'

Episode 4: Fannysmackin'

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A mob of hooded criminals are terrorising the city by surrounding and beating up tourists. When Greg sees an attack, he becomes the gang's next victim.


  • Season 6 - Episode 17: I Like To Watch

    A reality TV series follows the CSI team as they investigate a serial rapist who gained access to a woman's apartment by posing as a fireman.


  • Season 7 - Episode 3: Toe Tags

    As Grissom leads a group of college students on a tour of the CSI facilities, the stories behind four murder victims unfold, including a casino guard whose luck ran out.

  • Season 6 - Episode 16: Up In Smoke

    The team investigate when a body is found inside a chimney, with the evidence leading them to re-open the unsolved case of murdered teen Caroline Fitzgibbons.

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