Season 4 - Episode 5: Fur And Loathing


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Grissom and Catherine probe a bizarre case in which a man dressed in a full-body raccoon suit is shot and then hit by a car on a dark stretch of highway.


  • Season 9 - Episode 17: No Way Out

    Riley and Ray are taken hostage in the aftermath of a multiple shooting. Can the pair save the life of a critically injured young man?


  • Season 9 - Episode 16: Turn, Turn, Turn

    The team is called to a murder at a familiar motel, with Nick piecing together evidence from three investigations that all took place at the same establishment.

  • Season 9 - Episode 15: Kill Me If You Can

    The CSI team is called to three different crime scenes. Though at first they seem to be unrelated, evidence reveals they are all linked to the same con artist.

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