Season 10 - Episode 20: Take My Life Please

Episode 20: Take My Life Please

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The CSIs investigate the mysterious death of a comedian in a locked room, and also examine the bullet-riddled body of a dangerous fugitive.


  • Season 3 - Episode 16: Lucky Strike

    A basketball star's son is held for ransom, but an attempt to drop off the money backfires and, when the boy dies, Catherine and Warrick must find the killer.


  • Season 2 - Episode 18: Chasing The Bus

    When a bus carrying passengers from LA to Las Vegas crashes less than 40 miles from its destination, killing nine people, Grissom suspects foul play.

  • Season 4 - Episode 22: No More Bets

    Grissom pulls Catherine off a case when it turns out that her father is the chief suspect. Elsewhere, Nick beats Sara to a promotion and tempers start rising.

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