• Episode 5: Fur And Loathing

    Grissom and Catherine probe a bizarre case in which a man dressed in a full-body raccoon suit is shot and then hit by a car on a dark stretch of highway.

  • Episode 23: Bloodlines

    The team investigates an assault on a casino employee and the CSIs soon realise they are after a serial rapist. Meanwhile, Sara is arrested for drink-driving.

  • Episode 6: Jackpot

    Grissom visits a small town to investigate the death of a man whose severed head was found by a dog. Elsewhere, Catherine receives an unexpected gift from her father.

  • Episode 20: Dead Ringer

    Grissom and Catherine discover a dead colleague during a desert race for cops. Their investigation soon turns up two more bodies and they suspect foul play.

  • Episode 19: Bad Words

    Catherine and Warrick suspect a serial arsonist is at large after a house fire kills a girl in a neighbourhood where a blaze broke out just a few days before.

  • Episode 17: XX

    Catherine leads the investigation when a mutilated female body is discovered tied to the undercarriage of a bus carrying prisoners from a women's jail.

  • Episode 16: Getting Off

    The team believe they are dealing with the death of a transvestite but, during the autopsy, they find his make-up is face paint and he is actually a clown.

  • Episode 13: Suckers

    Grissom, Sara and Nick probe an electrocution at a Vegas casino, while Catherine and Warrick investigate a murder with vampiric overtones.

  • Episode 12: Butterflied

    A woman is found murdered in her home, but her uncanny resemblance to Sara causes Grissom to take a personal interest in the case.

  • Episode 8: After The Show

    Catherine takes over the high-profile case of a missing model when the prime suspect, a photographer, insists on speaking only to her.

  • Episode 15: Early Rollout

    The team investigates when a man and his porn star wife are murdered, while things get personal for Catherine when Grissom talks to her about her evaluation.

  • Episode 14: Paper Or Plastic?

    A robbery at a grocery store ends in a shoot-out that leaves five dead and the police officer at the scene believes that Grissom has a grudge against him.

  • Episode 9: Grissom Versus The Volcano

    Sheriff Atwater suspects terrorists are responsible for a car bombing that killed three people outside a casino, but Grissom isn't so sure.

  • Episode 4: Feeling The Heat

    The temperature moves into three figures during Vegas's latest heat wave, with Grissom and Catherine taking on the case of a baby locked in car.

  • Episode 7: Invisible Evidence

    The only piece of evidence in a rape and murder case is ruled inadmissible, leaving the team 24 hours to find new evidence before the accused killer is freed.

  • Episode 3: Homebodies

    The mummified remains of an elderly woman are found in a closet, while Sara and Nick make a shocking discovery when they probe a case of breaking and entering.

  • Episode 2: All For Our Country

    In the concluding part, the investigation into the double homicide uncovers two more murders, with Grissom believing that a police officer may be involved.

  • Episode 1: Assume Nothing

    Part one of a two-part story. When two couples are murdered in similar circumstances, Grissom and the CSI team suspect that a pair of serial killers are at large.

  • Episode 21: Turn Of The Screws

    Grissom, Sara and Nick investigate a horrible accident on a roller coaster while Catherine and Warrick look into the murder of a 13-year-old girl.

  • Episode 18: Bad To The Bone

    A murder in a parking garage is followed by an incident in an interview room, leading the CSI team on an investigation that contains shocking discoveries.

  • Episode 11: Eleven Angry Jurors

    When the lone dissenting voice on a jury is found dead in the jury room, the other eleven jurors, who were all voting guilty, are the natural suspects.

  • Episode 22: No More Bets

    Grissom pulls Catherine off a case when it turns out that her father is the chief suspect. Elsewhere, Nick beats Sara to a promotion and tempers start rising.

  • Episode 10: Coming Of Rage

    Grissom, Sara and Warrick investigate the murder of a teen found beaten to death on a construction site, with the murder weapon seemingly being a hammer.