• Episode 25: Grave Danger, Part 2

    Forensic drama series finale, written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. Time is running out for the CSIs as they race to save one of their own.

  • Episode 24: Grave Danger, Part 1

    Drama series finale, directed by Quentin Tarantino. The CSI team work together to save one of their own after he is kidnapped and buried alive.

  • Episode 23: Iced

    Sara and Greg investigate the deaths of two students, while Catherine's team looks at the body of a young man found in a crop circle.

  • Episode 22: Weeping Willows

    The CSIs investigate four cases in one night, including the murder of a model at an auto show.

  • Episode 21: Committed

    Grissom, Sara and Brass investigate a murder in a psychiatric hospital and narrow down the suspects to a handful of patients and staff members.

  • Episode 20: Hollywood Brass

    Brass travels to Hollywood to help his estranged daughter track down a missing friend who is later found dead.

  • Episode 19: 4 X 4

    The CSIs investigate four cases in one night, including the murder of a model at an auto show.

  • Episode 18: Spark Of Life

    Grissom, Sara and Greg investigate a wildfire that killed a man. Catherine, Nick and Warrick handle the case of a family murdered in their home.

  • Episode 17: Compulsion

    When a serial killer strikes again, the CSIs dig up evidence from a previous killing in the hope of using new technology to make a match.

  • Episode 16: Big Middle

    Grissom and his team hunt for a murderer at a convention for plus-sized people, with evidence suggesting the victim died after a large object was placed on his chest.

  • Episode 15: King Baby

    When well-known casino boss Bruce Eiger is found dead and stripped of clothing on his driveway, the evidence leads the CSI teams to the bizarre fetish of adult babies.

  • Episode 14: Unbearable

    Grissom, Sofia, Sara and Greg investigate the disappearance of a woman when her abandoned car is found on the edge of a highway.

  • Episode 13: Nesting Dolls

    When the bodies of two women are found buried in tar at a construction site, the team enters the murky world of mail-order brides.

  • Episode 12: Snakes

    During a busy time for the swing shift, Warrick investigates the murder of a man by someone who apparently needs a wheelchair.

  • Episode 11: Who Shot Sherlock

    When a member of a Sherlock Holmes club is killed, Greg must figure out how he was murdered as part of his final proficiency test.

  • Episode 10: No Humans Involved

    Grissom and his team investigate when a five-year-old boy is starved to death, discovering that the victim has siblings who are also in danger.

  • Episode 9: Mea Culpa

    After a murder trial is reopened to explore new evidence, Grissom discovers a previously undetected fingerprint on a piece of evidence during cross-examination.

  • Episode 8: Ch-Ch-Changes

    The CSI team investigates when Wendy Garner, a transgender woman, is killed and the chief suspect is a police officer with a history of sexual harassment.

  • Episode 7: Formalities

    Grissom is called to the murder of a 17 year old in a penthouse and the entire CSI team is soon involved when it's discovered that a kidnapping also took place.

  • Episode 6: What's Eating Gilbert Grissom?

    Grissom is haunted by the return of the blue paint serial killer and the entire team gets involved in the investigation.

  • Episode 5: Swap Meet

    The CSIs investigate the death of a woman at a swingers' party, while Nick and Warrick probe the murder of a landlord killed by a band saw.

  • Episode 4: Crow's Feet

    A woman is found dead in a hotel room and sores on her body lead to fears she could have Ebola. Luckily, she doesn't, but Robbins believes she was poisoned.

  • Episode 3: Harvest

    The team races against time to find a young girl who was abducted from outside a convenience store, while Catherine learns some disturbing news about her daughter.

  • Episode 13: Down The Drain

    A murder investigation at a Los Angeles card club leads the FBI to a complicated card-counting scheme involving college students.

  • Episode 1: Viva Las Vegas

    A dramatic night ends in no fewer than four deaths, including a person in an alien suit, a stripper and a man shot dead when a gun is fired in a club.