CSI: Miami

Eric Delko

Despite his freewheeling nature, Delko is an invaluable asset to the team.

Eric Delko

Played by Adam Rodriguez

Delko was Horatio Caine's first appointment upon taking over the crime lab, having been impressed with the younger man's skills during a bomb scare. Despite his freewheeling nature - his love of women, the city's non-stop nightlife and fast cars knows no bounds - Delko is an invaluable asset to the team, which is in no small part thanks to his strong ties to Miami's Cuban-American community.

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  • shehzadi

    over 2 years ago


    he is soooo hot. one of the hottest men on tv along.... eddie cibrian, eddie cahill, david caruso, gary sinise, simon baker, michael weatherly and mark harmon...love them all..xxxx

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  • CSIFan<3

    over 2 years ago


    dont worry hes gonna live :) last nights episode was from a couple of seasons ago :)

  • s. bibi

    over 2 years ago

    s. bibi

    Eric is gorgeous!! I've just seen an episode on channel 5 where he gets shot. Does anyone know if he dies! Please say no!!

  • Judy merth

    3 years ago

    Judy merth

    He and calleigh should get married and hav a kid in the program. That wood b soooo cute coz they r botg cute x

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