• Episode 19: Habeas Corpse

    Ryan becomes the main suspect when a crooked Assistant State's Attorney winds up dead, in the thrilling series finale.

  • Episode 18: Law & Disorder

    Horatio finds out that an attorney is blackmailing clients.

  • Episode 17: At Risk

    The team investigates the death of a janitor at a tennis academy, uncovering disturbing evidence of abuse in the process.

  • Episode 16: Rest in Pieces

    The team links a dead body found buried on the beach to old nemesis Esteban Navarro.

  • Episode 15: No Good Deed

    The CSIs investigate the murder of an apparently ordinary man who was planning to uncover a shocking secret.

  • Episode 14: The Last Straw

    The team is called in to investigate when the members of a Miami sorority are knocked off one by one.

  • Episode 13: Terminal Velocity

    When a skydiver dies after his parachute is sabotaged, the suspect list includes more than 100 of his sperm donor children.

  • Episode 12: Friendly Fire

    The death of a billionaire genius sends the team on the hunt for a high-tech weapon his company may have created.

  • Episode 11: Crowned

    Horatio and the team uncover the dark side of a children’s beauty pageant when a contestant’s mother is killed and one of the girls goes missing.

  • Episode 10: Long Gone

    The kidnapping of a family from their home leads the team to discover an unlikely connection to a drug dealer.

  • Episode 9: A Few Dead Men

    Horatio and his team investigate the death of one of three recently released prisoners, after a court overturns their original convictions.

  • Episode 8: Dead Ringer

    The hunt for the Miami Taunter hits a snag when the team's surveillance provides an alibi for Dr Esteban Navarro.

  • Episode 7: Sinner Takes All

    A masked robber disrupts an illegal high-stakes poker game, leaving a Hollywood producer dead.

  • Episode 6: By the Book

    Horatio and the team delve into the supernatural when a young woman is found dead with bite marks on her neck.

  • Episode 5: Killer Regrets

    Horatio and the team protect a Mexican sheriff who is being targeted by the Brazilian gang Mala Noche.

  • Episode 4: Look Who's Taunting

    Horatio and the team encounter a new nemesis who removes the eyes of his victims.

  • Episode 3: Blown Away

    The team have to pick up the pieces when a violent storm blows away a dead body and all of the surrounding evidence.

  • Episode 2: Stiff

    After the body of a young man is found in a hotel complex, the CSI team delves into the steamy, secretive world of Miami's gigolos.

  • Episode 1: Countermeasures

    Horatio jumps in at the deep end to save Natalia as the team resumes the search for killer Jack Toller.