Season 1 - Episode 13: Bunk

CSI: Miami

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Horatio and Speedle investigate the death of a man who died after entering a toxic house. The property was being used as a drug lab and the drugs created may be lethal.



  • Season 1 - Episode 12: Entrance Wound

    A prostitute is stabbed to death in a hotel room. A bloody fingerprint is found, but Horatio believes the real killer may have manipulated the crime scene.

  • Season 4 - Episode 12: The Score

    After a man turns up dead, Horatio and the team investigate a group of male 'pickup artists' who were out to score.

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Comments (3)

  • Jude

    1 year ago


    Really miss CSI miami. Bring it back !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pdfbt40

    over 1 year ago


    Ditto to Sarah. I realise you PG has been changed, but most of us go by EPG or even a paper TV guide. When will 11/19 shown and will you be mucking us around again ?

  • Sarah

    over 1 year ago


    Why are you not repeating the new Season 10 episode?