Season 7 - Episode 24: Dissolved

Episode 24: Dissolved

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The CSIs investigate when a man is dissolved in his own swimming pool. Elsewhere, Tara faces the music over her drug addiction and Julia hits rock bottom. Crime lord-turned-confidential informant Ron Saris is staying at the residence of known felon Jimmy Castigan. During a party at the mansion, Saris hears his host boasting about a recent carjacking. He attempts to gather more information about the crime, but Castigan suspects his friend of reporting back to the cops and turns on him. During the struggle, Saris hurls Castigan into the pool – only for the man to begin melting before his eyes!

Upon arrival at the scene, Horatio is immediately wary of his old enemy’s version of events. “I didn’t turn him to yoghurt!” insists Saris. “How was I supposed to know that pool was filled with whatever it was filled with?” Calleigh and Delko examine the water and deduce that Castigan was killed by an alkaline substance. When Travers arrives, he confirms that the pool was filled with a concentrated form of sodium hydroxide.

It emerges that the chemical was pumped into the pool via the filtration system. Calleigh notes that the door to the filtering area has a lock and that the pool cleaner is their most likely suspect. Tripp questions the cleaner, Peter Bishop, but he denies any involvement. “I sure as hell didn’t put sodium hydroxide in Castigan’s pool,” he insists. Bishop goes on to tell the detectives that a set of keys was stolen from his truck a week ago.

Ryan and Delko process Bishop’s van and find a hair from a large animal such as a cow or deer. Delko remembers that sodium hydroxide is used to prepare leather. “It’s the same chemical used to tan those cute leather pants you like to wear,” he tells Ryan. The pair pay a visit to a local leather treatment plant. The owner informs them that they no longer use sodium hydroxide, but shows them the area where the chemical is stored. The detectives are horrified to discover two partially dissolved human torsos in a barrel. Ryan also spots a cigar cap on the floor next to the containers.

Recalling that Ron Saris is partial to a cigar, Horatio and Stetler bring him in. Saris continues to insist he had nothing to do with the murders, and tells the cops he gave a box of cigars to Castigan. When they lean on him, Saris reveals that Castigan was working with a man named Sean Echols. “By the way, how’s our girl doing?” he asks Horatio, maliciously.

Calleigh and Tripp visit Echols, but he denies even knowing Castigan. A sceptical Calleigh decides to have the man watched, however. Ryan makes a breakthrough in the case when he recovers a wedding band from one of the corpses from the tanning plant. The ring provides a match to a man named Bill Moore, and his widow confirms that he recently went missing – along with her sister and brother-in-law. The details of the case fit with Saris’s description of the carjacking. But can the detectives trust him?

Meanwhile, Ryan sees Tara taking more tablets at work and again confronts her about her problems. “What’s going to happen when you mess up an autopsy?” he demands. The concerned CSI ultimately reports Tara’s growing addiction to Horatio. The pair search her locker and discover a plethora of pill bottles, including a prescription for OxyContin belonging to Stephanie Vasquez (see the episode ‘Divorce Party’). Horatio remembers that Tara pinned the blame for the theft on Julia...

Elsewhere, Julia becomes increasingly disturbed in the wake of Saris’s threats. The CSIs are stunned when she shoots her way into the lab and attempts to take Kyle back by force. “Let it go, Julia”, Horatio warns. The troubled woman then points the gun at her own head! Can Horatio stop his ex-girlfriend in time?



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