Season 10 - Episode 9: A Few Dead Men

Episode 9: A Few Dead Men

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It is 1992, and a young Frank is answering a call from a rural area about the death of a teenager.
When he drives out to his first murder scene, he finds the dead body of Troy Faber, who has been tortured and tied to a tree. Three young men are subsequently arrested and charged with the crime, destined to spend the rest of their lives behind bars. The case appears to be closed.

However, in the present day, Rocco Damara, Victor Shetland and Darren Riggs are released after the key witness in the case retracts his statement. At a press conference held by singer and celebrity campaigner Kayla Bledsoe to celebrate the men’s release, there are protesters in the crowd, including the victim’s parents.

Later, the three men are having a party at Kayla’s mansion, but the fun is gruesomely interrupted when Rocco is found dead in the bathroom, in a grisly re-enactment of Troy’s death - and a shock confession from Kayla herself pushes the team's investigation in an unexpected direction...



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