Season 8 - Episode 11: Witness For The Defense

Episode 11: Witness For The Defense

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The CSIs arrest a homeless lad named Zach Finley on suspicion of murdering a young woman when they catch him fleeing the crime scene. Before Tripp can take him to the station, he is interrupted by ambulance-chasing lawyer Adrianna Villani. The attorney is determined to take on Zach's case, and she is assisted by none other than Eric Delko. The former CSI quit the department after years of dedicated service in order to pursue new challenges. He is now working as a forensic expert for the defence. "When did you start working for the other side, Delko?" Tripp sneers. Delko's former colleagues are convinced that Zach is guilty, especially when he admits to squatting in the victim's flat and his fingerprints are found on the murder weapon, a kitchen knife. Delko's job is to film the CSIs going about their business and find ways to rebut their charges. "It seemed like a good chance to help people," he explains to Calleigh. "Provided they're innocent," Calleigh replies. The case against Zach Finley is rushed before a judge, who must decide whether he should stand trial. The CSIs present their evidence, but thanks to Delko's testimony, the judge rules that the CSIs do not have enough evidence. "What do we do now?" Jesse asks. "We finish what we started," Horatio replies. The CSIs return to the crime scene and Horatio finds new evidence to suggest that the victim was raped prior to her murder. The team acquires a sample of Zach Finley's DNA, but the results prove that Zach could not have raped the victim. The young man is androgynous, and is physically incapable of committing the crime. "That Finley is not our guy," a shocked Tripp reports, after making a visual inspection of the suspect. "In fact, I don't even know that he is a guy!" Horatio begins to suspect that they are looking for a tag team of two men - one rapist and one killer, meaning that Zach could indeed be guilty. Could Horatio's instincts possibly be correct?



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