• Episode 22: Open Water

    A cruise ship docked in Miami is the scene of a double murder. The CSIs investigate the list of suspects and find a large amount of money is missing.

  • Episode 17: Collision

    The investigation into an apparent case of road rage uncovers the theft of a $4 million necklace and two bodies.

  • Episode 11: Payback

    American drama series focusing on the work of the Miami forensics department. The CSIs investigate when a rapist is brutally murdered after his identity was exposed.

  • Episode 10: Shattered

    When a drug lord is gunned down in his Coconut Grove mansion, a suspect arrested at the scene claims he sells marijuana to Delko.

  • Episode 9: Urban Hellraisers

    The team must use a video game to find out where a group of young gunmen will strike next.

  • Episode 5: Three-Way

    When a 'wives weekend' ends in murder, the team is faced with three women whose separate trysts with the victim make them prime suspects.

  • Episode 4: 48 Hours To Life

    Drama series set in the Miami forensics department. The team works out how to free an innocent young man after an interrogation with Frank Tripp sends him to jail.

  • Episode 8: Nailed

    Ryan Wolfe is attacked and seriously injured while investigating the murder of a distraught soon-to-be ex-wife, and there is no shortage of suspects.

  • Episode 7: Felony Flight

    The team works with CSI:NY chief Detective Mac Taylor to apprehend a convicted serial killer who has taken a young girl hostage.

  • Episode 6: Under Suspicion

    The team races against time to find out who is trying to frame Horatio for the murder of a woman he has been dating.

  • Episode 1: From The Grave

    A gang seek revenge on a rival gang member by opening fire at a funeral. When those responsible learn that Horatio is investigating them, they order a hit on him.

  • Episode 3: Prey

    The team investigates the murder of a teenage girl partying in Miami on her way to the Bahamas with her high-school class.

  • Episode 2: Blood In The Water

    A family boating accident reveals a sinister plot by grifters to heist ten million dollars in gold bars.

  • Episode 25: One Of Our Own

    One of Our Own: American drama series. Horatio and Delko search Miami to bring down the Mala Noche gang once and for all.

  • Episode 24: Rampage

    The Mal Noche trial is obstructed when the defendant goes free and the gang order a hit on Horatio.

  • Episode 23: Shock

    A young heiress is found dead in her bath while a party is in full swing. The cause of death is electrocution, but Horatio suspects foul play.

  • Episode 21: Dead Air

    A random call from a mobile phone leads to a fraught race against time to solve a kidnapping case before it turns into a homicide.

  • Episode 20: Free Fall

    The bodies of two men are discovered in an abandoned hotel. The team's investigation ties the men to a huge money-laundering scheme.

  • Episode 19: Driven

    The fourth season of the Miami forensics drama continues. A group of wealthy women, including Marisol Delko, are robbed at a luxury day spa.

  • Episode 18: Double Jeopardy

    A white supremacist is acquitted for the murder of his mixed-race wife but the CSI team is convinced of his guilt.

  • Episode 16: Deviant

    Alexx campaigns against a convicted sex offender who is subsequently murdered.

  • Episode 15: Skeletons

    The team is called to investigate the discovery of a corpse during a volleyball tournament.

  • Episode 14: Fade Out

    When evidence suggests that a series of murders is linked to organized crime, Horatio and the team are led to a pair of film students.

  • Episode 13: Silencer

    Miami's Latin Festival shifts from samba to sombre when a crowded dance floor becomes the scene of a gang murder.

  • Episode 12: The Score

    After a man turns up dead, Horatio and the team investigate a group of male 'pickup artists' who were out to score.