• Episode 4: Unspoken

    A man opens fire during a political rally, harming a senatorial candidate and causing Lindsay to get injured in the chaos.

  • Episode 17: Today is Life

    A riot threatens to break out at a Manhattan precinct.

  • Episode 16: Blood Actually

    The team unravels three twisted tales of love.

  • Episode 15: Seth and Apep

    DB Russell visits New York in a joint effort to find Mac's missing girlfriend Christine, as Mac's principles are put to the test.

  • Episode 14: White Gold

    The team investigates what appears to be a fatal car-jacking.

  • Episode 13: Nine Thirteen

    The CSIs investigate when the body of a masked man is found at the bottom of a skyscraper known for its history of mysterious deaths.

  • Episode 12: Civilized Lies

    A police officer is killed during a robbery, but is a gunshot victim in police custody a reluctant eyewitness or one of the robbers?

  • Episode 11: Command+P

    The CSIs are confronted with a puzzling mystery when two different victims are linked by the same unusual weapon.

  • Episode 10: The Real McCoy

    The CSIs investigate a 1920s-inspired speakeasy when one of its owners is murdered and $10,000 goes missing.

  • Episode 9: Blood Out

    When Detective Lovato’s cover is inadvertently blown, the CSIs investigate the Latin street gang she infiltrated while undercover.

  • Episode 8: Late Admissions

    The team links the murder of a high school boy to a classmate who was dealing his prescription meds.

  • Episode 7: Clue: SI

    The CSIs realise that the latest bodies discovered relate to a psychopath re-enacting the game of Clue in real life.

  • Episode 6: The Lady in the Lake

    The CSIs discover the body of a woman dressed in a ballgown after draining a lake in search of a murder weapon.

  • Episode 5: Misconceptions

    The team investigates a 20-year-old case when the main suspect is found dead on the anniversary of a little boy's disappearance.

  • Episode 3: 2,918 Miles

    A murder on Brooklyn Bridge leads Mac and Jo to San Francisco in search of a missing teenage girl.

  • Episode 2: Where There's Smoke

    The team races to stop serial arsonist Leonard Brooks as he seeks revenge on figures from his past.

  • Episode 1: Reignited

    Mac investigates the link between the death of a firefighter and a string of arson cases dating back 15 years.