Season 2 - Episode 8: Bad Beat

Stella and Mac

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A poker player is beaten up when the other players realise he is cheating. When the host of the game is shot dead, Mac and Stella follow their only lead: the card cheat.


  • Season 6 - Episode 7: Hammer Down

    The Trilogy: Part 2. The CSIs probe a young woman's murder and discover that the victim is connected to a case worked by their counterparts in Las Vegas.


  • Season 2 - Episode 6: Young Blood

    A wealthy man is shot just outside his penthouse suite. The investigation leads Danny and Lindsay to high school girls who disguise their age to meet rich men.

  • Season 5 - Episode 20: Prey

    A man is found dead but the random pieces of evidence at the crime scene don't seem to make sense. The case takes a twist when the CSIs learn the victim was a stalker.

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